Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

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Is anyone else marking their calendars for the return of Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day?  I am beyond excited. It's still many months away (May 5) so I really need to simmer the excitement, but seeing the sneak peek promo with Jack and Chloe during the Super Bowl really made my heart race.  #JackisBack

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Am I the last one to the party? I just barely learned about the "You Are Here" collection mugs from Starbucks.  I am totally looking for these on my travels.  I don't think  I would want every single destination, but some of these designs are so fun. I wish I would have known about these when I was at Pike Place last month.  The Starbucks at Pike Place is historic! These mugs are so colorful and happy and each mug can only be found in the location it represents, so I better get my travel on!

Speaking of travel. This year I earned (barely) companion pass from Southwest Airlines.  I love Southwest Airlines. Now we need to go on a vacation. Where to? I'm thinking west coast but D is hoping for florida. Last year we got our money's worth - we went so many fun places!


Last but not least I bought so many fun things at the Banana Republic sale this past week. All the clearance was an additional 40% off.   The first is a faux fur trim coat with a bow.  My sister sent me a link to the grey version several months ago and said it looked like me. I was so tempted, but $298 was out of budget. I snagged this lovely for just $60 in the sale!  It is black and not grey but it is so classy and comfortable. Plus, I can finally get rid of H&M peplum coat that no longer fits! I wish I would have noticed the L'wren Scott Collection at Banana Republic sooner. I bought this stylish teal lace skirt for just $38, originally $98 and the photos just don't do it justice.  Gorgeous satin trim around the waste and the teal lace is exquisite. Yes please I say!  And this black lace peplum jacket with some electric yellow tones underneath.  I know it looks a little wild in the picture, but in person it is a gem!  It goes perfectly with my black lace dress.  So many fun pieces.

What's happening on your Thursday!?

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