Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music Mix - Breathe Life In

Check out my "Breathe Life In" playlist for some fun tunes I am really enjoying right now.

  1. The Man, Aloe Blacc - I love this fresh take on "Your Song" by Elton John. A little self-absorbed that he's singing about how he's the bomb, but it's undeniably catchy and fun to listen to. 
  2. Riptide, Vance Joy- I first heard this song on Kelle Hampton's blog and then later heard it while walking through a hotel in Salt Lake City. It is a lovely tune that takes me to a sunny day, rocking on a hammock and soaking life in. Oh and if you haven't checked out Kelle's blog then you are missing out.  She is brilliant in every sense! She sees beauty in every day. Take a glimpse from her angle and walk away enlightened and inspired. Follow her on instagram at etst. She is an amazing photographer and will literally leave you wanting to live life out loud! 
  3. Run, Delta Rae - Heard this song on American Idol last week. I had heard it before, but I love the passion in her voice!  It reminds me of someone who is driven and just wants to let lose and accomplish everything they're dreaming of.  I can totally relate. 
  4. Stay Alive, Jose Gonzalez From the Walter Mitty soundtrack. Another tune that will have you breathing life in.  That movie was really unique but I really liked it too. Lots of truths. If you didn't see it, then I highly recommend it as a red box rental. 
  5. I Lived, OneRepublic - I cannot get enough of this song!  I hum it daily and it is the epitome of how I'd like to take on each day. The lyrics are beautiful and a good reminder of what matters most.  
You can listen to them here. 

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